allan headshotReinventing Upward Mobility: A Bold Plan for Saving the Middle Class

The engine of the US economy is stalling and the spirit of upward mobility that propelled our country to world leadership status is eroding. Globalization and technology have become unstoppable forces and the American Middle Class is declining as wages remain flat and the cost of education soars. In this book, the author, a retired public finance attorney and former watchdog with the SEC, demystifies the politics and complexity of the tax system. He exposes corrosive tax preferences, advocates for tax reform that helps create a workforce “second to none”, and challenges citizens to think beyond ideology towards innovative solutions.

Author: Thomas Allen Moon

Co-Editor: Tony Robinson with Anna Clark of EarthPeople Media (

JardimBotanicoCuritibaBrasil 7Sustainable Cities: Case Studies in New Urban Planning

Cities are becoming the new nation-states as their challenges for growth are extraordinary and require new methods of governance. This book looks at cities from around the US and the World which are adopting innovative approaches to resource management, transportation and economic development to transform and create sustainable environments.

Multiple Authors

Chief Editor: Tony Robinson

Dusk Chiricahua Mountains 1980The Desert Latitude - A Novel

A seventeen year old boy leaves his ancestral home in the Northeast to pursue the cause in 1970’s California,
ultimately travelling on a nightmarish journey to a great project of technological salvation near the border of Arizona and Mexico.

Author: Tony Robinson

It Is What It Is*

(*And other ground-breaking discoveries from Western Civilization)

A collection of humorous essays satirizing contemporary Western politics and society.

Author: Tony Robinson

The Raccoons’ Midnight Ball - A Children’s Picture Book

A young boy receives a bronze key from a mysterious, itinerant uncle and then travels to the Great Hall of the Raccoons where he unlocks a long-sealed door holding an ancient secret.

Author: Tony Robinson